Performance Analysis
Performance Analysis
SpyGlass Tracer is designed to collect runtime information from an application executed on a Java Virtual Machine including: End-to-End Transactions, Execution Time, Throughput, JEE and Spring components, JPA/Hibernate, Open Source frameworks & Custom Instrumentation, Memory and CPU usage, SQL statements and JDBC connections, HTTP Request/Response and Session contents, JVM and JMX metrics, Applicative Threads, User Navigation, Business Transactions
SpyGlass Tracer is an exceptional tool to identify problems in your production systems and speed up resolution process: Exceptions & Errors, Out of Memory, Memory Leaks, Under-performing SQL Statements, Connection Leaks, Session problems, Memory problems, Excessive CPU usage Locks and Synchronization problems,
System Optimization & Tuning
System Optimization & Tuning
SpyGlass Tracer is the ideal tool to identify your system bottlenecks and problems before they can be an issue for your users: Code Optimization, Dynamic Code Analysis and Automatic Documentation, SQL Statement Optimization, JVM Tuning, System Statistics, SLA Monitoring,

What is SpyGlass Tracer?

SpyGlass Tracer is an Application Performance Management (APM) tool for Java and JVM based systems.
It is designed to support performance analysis, troubleshooting and system tuning.
SpyGlass Tracer collects execution information and system metrics from your application and organize them in dashboards and charts.

SpyGlass Tracer is:

  • simple: its minimum installation is less than 2 MB and a simple java options
  • light: with a component based approach you can enable only module you need
  • effective: you have all that you need to discover problems and find solutions because we’ve already used it for that

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Dynamic Code Analysis and Automatic Documentation
Dynamic Code Analysis is related to collecting runtime information about your software execution to ...
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